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In August 2016, the hotel installed holding tanks on its roof, which captures ground water facilitated by a unique rooftop pumping system that uses the water for sanitation purposes. With the hospitality and tourism industries at the top of the list of water consumers in South Africa, it was about time that a water saving initiative was implemented and in the year that the system has been operational it has saved 1 473 000 litres of water and 13% of their annual water bill.

“At The Peninsula, groundwater is channelled from rainwater and surrounding mountains, into underground streams beneath the hotel’s parking area. We have taken advantage of this unique positioning by creating borehole pumps that suck the water into a holding tank, which is then pumped to the 1500 litre tanks on the roof,” explains Chris Godenir, General Manager at The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel.

On July 1st, 2017 the City of Cape Town implemented Level 4B water restrictions and emphasised the need to save water while it’s still possible. The city urged its residents to keep to a maximum of 87 litres of water per person, per day, keeping in mind that the average showerhead expels 15 litres of water per minute, making a 6 minute shower equivalent to 90 litres of water.The Peninsula supports the city’s plead and has implemented creative ways to save water, for example fitting taps with aerators and restrictions to reduce the flow to no more than six litres per minute, as per the City’s by-laws. In addition, the hotel has also put the challenge to its staff and guests.

“At The Peninsula, we are passionate about caring for the environment and through this initiative we invite all hospitality partners and guests to take action and do their part in preserving our precious resource,” adds Chris Godenir.

For any media enquiries, please contact Lindile Ndwayana on or (T) +27 21 433 0347/(M) +27 72 524 1956. Thank you.

*Please note the image and inset infographic is courtesy of the City of Cape Town.

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