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Dam storage levels are currently at 35,1%, with useable water at 25,1%. Collective consumption is at 604 million litres of water per day. This is 104 million litres above the target of 500 million litres. Read more below:

Collective consumption must be brought down to 500 million litres of water per day to help Cape Town to get through as much of the summer as possible, towards winter 2018. This has been a driving consideration for the implementation of Level 5 water restrictions, which came into effect yesterday, 3 September 2017. The upper limit of 87 litres per person per day and the overall target of 500 million litres of collective usage per day remain in place, however, emphasis has been placed on capping excessive water use at the domestic household level and placing additional restrictions on the commercial sector.

All sectors, including domestic and industrial usage, have shown a decline in water usage over the months, except for the commercial sector. In fact, water usage has increased in this sector – hence the focus on this sector in the Level 5 restrictions. It is important for water users to understand that the allocation of less than 87 litres per person per day does not only apply at home, but also at the workplace. It is highly likely that many water users have clamped down on their residential usage, only to increase water usage at places of work or elsewhere, such as flushing toilets or showering at the gym.

Level 5 restrictions are therefore especially focusing on the commercial sector; single residential properties with many water users residing on the property whose water usage must be limited to 20 000 litres per month; and also on residential complexes where there is one erf number but a number of dwellings or units situated on the property and the average unit consumption must to be limited to 20 000 litres per month.‘According to our information, almost one in two Capetonians are doing everything in their power to save water. But obviously not everyone is doing their bit. All water users must use less than 87 litres per person per day wherever they are. The City also continues with its programme to restrict the supply of water to domestic properties who have not been able to justify excessive usage. The City’s Water and Sanitation Management Department is expecting to have installed more than 50 devices at residential properties with excessive usage by the end of this week. Progress is also being made with the emergency augmentation schemes and pressure reduction initiatives continue, among others.

‘It must be emphasised that the severity and duration of this drought could not have been predicted. As a city, we are managing the situation with absolutely every drought intervention that we have at our disposal. We have not let Cape Town down before and we do not intend to do so now. We need our residents to stand with us, to support us during these trying times, and to be constructive partners. We will only get through this by working together,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy, Councillor Xanthea Limberg.

The City reminds residents to reduce water flow on their property through adjusting their private stopcocks or water control taps.

How to adjust a stopcock to reduce water flow (this should ideally be done during the day):

  • Close the stopcock by turning it in a clockwise direction, and open it again (about a half turn)
  • Go to the tap furthest away from the stopcock (this could be inside the house, in the back garden/yard or in an upstairs bathroom)
  • Open the cold water tap and see if there is sufficient water flowing
  • If required, adjust the stopcock a half turn at a time until a reasonable but reduced flow rate of water to the furthest cold water tap is achieved

For a video illustrating how to adjust a stopcock, please watch this video clip.

For information on how to meet the 87-litre per day usage requirement, residents should please visit the water restrictions page on the City’s and utilise our water calculator:

Residents can contact the City via email to for queries about the water pressure reduction, or to report contraventions of the water restrictions (evidence should be provided to assist the City’s enforcement efforts), or they can send an SMS to 31373. They can also now reportwater faults by sending a message via Whatsapp to 063 407 3699.

Water supplied by the City remains safe to drink and is tested in accordance with safety standards.

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