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26 September 2017

The Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning is considering imposing a partial ban on the dumping of organic waste in landfill sites within 5 years, with the consideration of a complete ban within the next 10 years across the Province.

This was revealed today, to the Standing Committee on Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

I will be writing to the Western Cape Minister of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Anton Bredell, to determine whether it is possible for his Department to create entirely separate landfill sites for the province to safely, and effectively dispose of organic waste without the threat of environmental contamination.

Organic waste is generated from the slaughter and processing of livestock, namely beef, sheep, poultry, pigs, ostriches and other game. When this type of dumping goes unchecked, hazardous waste material can find its way into water sources or delicate ecosystems, contaminating the surrounds and threatening the vitality of the Western Cape’s environment.

Furthermore, the illegal dumping of organic waste poses a direct threat to the many vital sources of underground water, such as the Cape aquifer, upon which the Province’s animals, trees, and people depend.

At Municipal level, it is acknowledged that the lack of a means to dispose of organic waste in a clean, homogenous manner is a major barrier to recycling in the Province. Moving forward, the access to waste disposal mechanisms, and the role of all our municipalities in waste disposal, are critical to establishing sustainable waste practices.

As the DA we remain committed to curbing illegal dumping across the Province in order to protect the unique, delicate, and prized natural environment for which the Western Cape is so well known and in which our residents live.

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