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Is there anyone braver than a person who is willing to get married to someone they’ve just met? We don’t think so! The love and bravery of the couples in Married at First Sight SA have caused it to be a huge hit! But even hit TV stars need relationship advice…

Relationship expert, Paula Quinsee was intimately involved in the first season of Married at First Sight SA, as one of the specialist advisors who worked closely with the brave couples before, during, and after filming. She returns for the second season in the same capacity.

Quinsee says, “My intention, in the beginning, was to be a support to the individuals who did not make it through the process (no one likes being rejected) as well as those who did make it through and needed support as they navigated through their relationship journey.

“It’s something I am absolutely passionate about and strive to do daily with all my clients I work with – and being in a relationship myself, I know what a bumpy ride it can be at times!”

The show’s success is largely thanks to the quirky but appealing core premise of strangers meeting for the first time on the day they marry one another, and then being followed by a camera crew for the first six weeks of their relationship. In that time, they are coached by various specialists to see if they can build a relationship they’d like to stick with after the six weeks are up.

Quinsee says communication and spending time together are two of the most important success factors in relationships. “Couples are equally responsible for protecting and keeping their relationship space safe and healthy. Wearing a wedding ring does not mean you are committed to a person – you show it through your thoughts, actions and behaviours each day.”Paula is a certified Imago Educator, Professional Facilitator, and NLP Life Coach, who uses the knowledge and skills she’s developed to help people cultivate and nurture healthy relationships. She works with individuals and organisations, teaching them how to develop their emotional intelligence, and apply it in the workplace and at home.

She runs workshops, delivers public talks, and works with various organisations to deliver her message. Her next workshop, Building Relationships, is taking place on the 30th of September in Johannesburg, followed by another one in Cape Town on the 4th of November.

Paula doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations that are so needed in society today, tackling hot-button issues like racism, ageism, gender imbalance, toxic teams, entitlement, and bullying in her Tough Dialogues program. She does so with understanding, compassion, and empathy – all inherent skills nurtured, matured, and brought to the fore by her personal experience and professional training – to help businesses, individuals, communities, and even nations to find a healthy way to move forward.

Other difficult topics she covers include the need to develop EQ skills also known as soft skills but she likes to call real skills that she believes are vital to consider when it comes to succession planning in any organisation. She explores the benefits and risks of doing so, and why teaching those skills to graduates and interns is so important.

We’re living in VUCA times – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, And Ambiguous – and a lot of people and businesses are finding life stressful and overwhelming. Paula’s expertise and insight into relationships are something every person and organisation can benefit from.

The first episode of the 2nd season of Married at First Sight SA airs on the 6th or 13th of October on A+E Network’s Lifetime channel (DSTV 131).

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