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Drought crisis: we can beat this drought together

 Dam storage levels have declined by 0,7% over the past week to 37,8% (27,8% useable water). Collective usage is at 602 million litres per day. This is 102 million litres above what is required for us to get through this drought together while we roll out our additional water supply projects. 

A year ago we set out to drastically reduce our water usage. Since then, Capetonians have managed to reduce consumption from 1,1 billion litres a day before restrictions to the current levels. This reduction in water usage couldn’t have been achieved without the concerted efforts of many residents and of our water ambassadors.

Although as a city we have halved our water usage, the extreme nature of this ‘once-in-a-millennium’ drought means that we need to do more. At the moment, only 50% of Capetonians are actively trying to save water and we need everyone on board if we are going to beat the drought.

With this as our goal, the City’s staff – from engineers to front-line leak response teams and water call centre operators – are working day and night to ensure that we beat the drought together. All water-related projects within the City have been fast-tracked and we are engaging with experts both locally and internationally in order to bring the necessary projects online as soon as possible.The City’s Water Resilience Plan comprises a range of additional supply projects to ensure that we do not run out of water and we are putting our best efforts into this plan to make sure of that. Several phases of our emergency augmentation programme are already under way. Last week the tender for the Monwabisi and Strandfontein desalination plants was awarded and this week the tenders for the Hout Bay, Dido Valley and the Harmony Park desalination plants will be adjudicated.

We will only get through this severe drought together. As a city, we need to do all that we can to get additional water supply on track, but also to continue with water augmentation and saving. We will supply while Capetonians save and by working together, we will make it through the drought.

We are asking all of our water users to help us as we continue to help you in ensuring that water is supplied. We cannot do this without you and it is only through this partnership that we will be able to stretch our water supply to avert a true disaster.

An online toolkit has been developed with various resources for all to use to help us to drive this message. Please see our website to access material that you may require. This toolkit will be updated regularly.

For information on how to meet the daily water usage requirement, residents should please visit the water restrictions page on the City’s website: and utilise our water calculator:

Residents can contact the City via email to for queries about the water pressure reduction, or to report contraventions of the water restrictions (evidence should be provided to assist the City’s enforcement efforts), or they can send an SMS to 31373.

For more information on water management devices, please visit

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