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Golden Arrow Bus Services will regrettably be increasing its passenger fares by an average of 7% as of 25 December 2017. Pensioner fares and most off peak fares will not increase.

This adjustment has largely been necessitated by soaring fuel costs and has only been considered after all other cost absorption measures have been explored and exhausted.

Over the last 12 months the diesel price has increased by 12%, while the nationally determined wages increased by 9%. These two cost items make up approximately 74% of Golden Arrow’s total costs. This is further compounded by the cumulative shortfall in funds from the Division of Revenue Act (DORA) subsidy allocation, which has not been in line with the contracted escalation rate.

Despite this we have continued with our fleet recapitalization and over the last twelve calendar months, 65 buses have been added to the fleet at a cost of approximately R140 million. This programme will continue in 2018.

A decision to increase bus fares is never taken lightly or without careful consideration, but in this case it is simply unavoidable. We have however done everything possible to minimise the impact on our passengers by keeping the increase as low as possible and by excluding pensioner fares and most off peak fares.

The impending fare increase was also discussed with all our passenger forums at an end of year meeting held on 11 November and there was a general acceptance of the rationale outlined by the Company.

Passengers can postpone paying the increased fares until 07 January 2018 in the case of 10-ride clipcards (which are valid for 14 days) bought on Sunday 24 December 2017 and until 30 January 2018 in the case of monthly clipcards (valid for 37 days) bought on the same date.

Golden Arrow continues to strive to provide the highest quality service possible to its passengers, and despite the increase, bus travel remains a viable public transport alternative to travelling by private vehicle.

A schedule with details of selected fares is attached, alternatively the new fares can be obtained from Golden Arrow’s call centre on 0800 65 64 63.

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