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A few smart moves on the pitch, and off, at Athlone Stadium have helped to make the facility even more water-wise and the water-saving initiatives are already yielding positive results. Read more below:

The protracted drought, coupled with level 6B water restrictions that ban the use of potable water for watering grass, has taken a toll on the pitch at Athlone Stadium, which had deteriorated significantly.

Last year the City of Cape Town installed a treated effluent water (TEW) system to be used primarily for watering of the pitch, which has over time helped to rehabilitate the playing field to its former glory.

In yet another smart move, and in addition to the TEW system, the City has installed the Aquatrip water management system in the restrooms at the stadium. The Aquatrip system makes use of motion sensors to significantly reduce water wastage when it comes to leaks, and regulates how and when water is utilised in a particular area.

The water-on-demand system has helped to save significant amounts of water since installation. In the six months since it was installed, 13 million litres of water have been saved which translates into an estimated monetary saving of R2,5 million per annum.

‘The current water shortage has challenged us all to think outside the box and come up with smart solutions to save even more water. Most of the restrooms at the Athlone Stadium are used only on event days, which means that leaks would go undetected for long periods of time. This smart move to install the water-on-demand system has already yielded significant water and monetary savings,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Assets and Facilities Management, Councillor Stuart Diamond.

This water-saving system is activated by motion sensors that are installed in each restroom. These sensors are connected to a solenoid valve on the incoming water line. When a person walks into the restroom the valve opens and allows water to flow to the taps for 10 minutes. Each time it detects motion the 10-minute timer is reset.

If water is still flowing 10 minutes after the restroom is unoccupied this means that there is a leak, which is usually due to a stuck toilet valve or a tap left open. The Aquatrip system will shut off the water and log the fact that there is a leak.

‘The water-on-demand system was a smart move indeed. The system has proven that it is impossible for faulty toilets and taps to leak undetected. Additionally, we have peace of mind knowing that our limited water supply is not being wasted,’ said Councillor Diamond.

In addition to these smart water-saving initiatives, Manzi, the City’s water saving mascot made an appearance at the Ajax Cape Town versus Bidvest Wits soccer game at Athlone Stadium last night,11 April 2018. Aside from being a celebrity and having to pose for a number of selfies, Manzi reinforced his water-saving tips and handed out goodie bags to ten lucky soccer fans for their innovative water-saving initiatives.

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