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Hitmaker Timothy De Monk (20) is back with his latest single, No Stress Moment, set to once again dominate the airwaves and radio charts with his can’t-get-the-tune-out-of-my-head song. Now if this singer/songwriter/producer/musician’s name does not ring a bell – shame on you and where have you been hiding?

His first single, Everyday, was on the 5FM Top 10 Pop Chart for a staggering eighteen weeks! No one-hit-wonder, Timothy repeated this success with I Never Want To See Her – holding on to the number one position for eight weeks on the 5FM Top 10 Pop Chart…as well as on other radio stations, including Jacaranda’s SA Top 20, where the hit continuously climbed the charts for fourteen weeks.

Comments Timothy: “I truly believe that No Stress Moment is going to be my biggest hit yet, so my big dream for this year is that people will get to know the name Timothy De Monk and link it to my music when they hear it on radio. And on top of that, realise that I am actually from South Africa, doing my best to play my part in putting local music on the international map!”

Stop stressing and have a No Stress Moment

Timothy says that the message behind his latest single, No Stress Moment, is about no matter how much stress is being shoved his way, he will do his best and succeed, and “I’ll live life for the moment”.

The song was inspired by the stress he was feeling from a relationship at the time, as well as not knowing how well he will do as an independent artist in the music industry. This was based on the fact that Timothy released his first four singles through The David Gresham Entertainment Group – the globally renowned record and publishing company – which he was signed to. Towards the end of 2017, Timothy made the decision to take the plunge and become an independent artist in order to have complete control over his own music career.

No Stress Moment was originally written by Timothy, but when he was working on the song in the studio with producer Ben Howard from Cosher Recording Studios, Ben started humming a different melody which Timothy just loved and he “decided there and then to write the song to that melody instead”.

Early years of Timothy De Monk

Timothy (born on 5 December 1997) was raised on a wine farm in Stellenbosch, but now resides in Pinelands, Cape Town. He discovered his passion for music in 2014 when he learnt how to play the guitar and found that he could not put the instrument down. He states: “We were at a family gathering and my cousin was playing guitar and singing. I thought that it would be so incredible if I was able to do that too. He then asked me if I would like to play the guitar and I received my first lesson on that day.”

His turning point came after a guest spot performance at the Octopus Garden restaurant in Muizenberg, when he was spotted by music producer Jahn Beukes, and was booked into the recording studio soon thereafter. He recorded his debut EP, Hazy Days, which his mom sent to several record labels before its release date in December 2015. David Gresham responded immediately, wanting to meet Timothy. “We met, discussed and negotiated, and as they say – the rest is history,” states the Capetonian.

Getting to know the star behind No Stress Moment

Timothy describes himself as fun, loving, mischievous and very creative. His sense of humour comes out when he states: “People, I’m not freakin Asian, even if I sometimes look the part!”

Other fun facts that he shares about himself include: “I’m a huge romantic. Also a fitness freak. I game on the side. You don’t want to get too close to me when I’m dancing, and I’m out of hand when out in public.”

Timothy’s musical influences include Quin XCII, Blackbear, Ed Sheeran and especially Post Malone. “His music is constantly playing in my room, car or at a party. Collaborating with Post Malone one day will be so much fun!”

And good news for his fans, Timothy is currently single…

“At the moment we’re busy planning the music video for No Stress Moment and I can’t wait for it to be released. My ultimate dream is naturally to become a superstar, making it big both locally and internationally. It would be incredible having people around the world listening to and loving my music,” he concludes.

Timothy De Monk’s music, including No Stress Moment, is now available on most digital platforms, including iTunes and Google Play.

For more information, visit

Also join the conversation with Timothy De Monk on social media – Facebook (TimothyDemonkMusic), Twitter (@TimothyDeMonk) and Instagram (@TimothyDeMonk). His music videos of his previous singles are also available on YouTube.

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