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27 June 2018

Release: Immediate

The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape rejects the ANC’s false claims made against the proposed Western Cape Provincial School Education Amendment Bill. It must be made clear, that claims made by the ANC in the Western Cape that the Bill permits the rash sale of alcohol on school premises are gravely misleading.

One of the Bill’s amendments will permit the sale and consumption of alcohol on school grounds, but only at events which take place outside of teaching hours. Such events must also be subject to a set of stringent criteria before permission is granted. Of the conditions stated, a school will only be able to receive permission to sell alcohol at an event if it applies to the Head of the Provincial Education Department (HOD).

The Bill does not oblige or encourage any school to sell alcohol at events after school hours, it merely makes provision for those schools that wish to, once granted permission by the HOD.

Public hearings are currently underway on the draft bill to amend the Western Cape Provincial School Education Act 12 of 1997. Once public hearings have been completed, all public comments will be taken into consideration before any decision is made by the Standing Committee on Education at Western Cape Provincial Parliament moving forward.

The main objectives of the Bill is to improve the standard and quality of education provided to all learners in the Western Cape. The most notable changes to the bill among others include:

Making provision for goods and services relating to education in the province to be centrally procured;
Regulating the monitoring and support of curriculum delivery at public schools;
Making provision for the establishment and functions of a Schools Evaluation Authority;
Providing for the establishment of collaboration schools and donor funded public schools;
To authorise certain tests related to the admission of a learner to a public school for learners with special education needs;
To provide that a public school must obtain the prior written consent of a parent authorising the learner to attend a school activity outside of the school premise.

As the DA in the Western Cape, we remain committed to providing quality education to each and every learner in our province.

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