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Heinz Winckler teams up with Loyiso Bala and Neville D for the anthemic and inspirational brand new single about unity in the church entitled “It’s Time”, releasing to radio on 1 August 2018, to online platforms on 10 August 2018, and a music video coming in September.

In a time where it seems to many people that our nation is more divided than ever, the message of unity is of utmost importance. It is very clear from Jesus’s own words that he desires his disciples, his children to be united in Him. In John 13:34 he commands us to love one another because that’s how the world will know we are his disciples. In John 17 Jesus earnestly prays to the Father that we as his disciples will be one just as Jesus and the Father are one because that’s how the world will believe that the Father has sent him.

There are many other scriptures that call for unity in the body of Christ. It is clear how important it is to our God that we as his followers stand together. If the church of Jesus, the body of our Lord, with access to God’s supernatural power and authority can’t live in unity, what chance does the world have? It’s time that the church, the whole body of Christ, no matter what race, denomination or class, unites and be as one to walk in the fullness of it’s calling. It’s time that we set the example of what love is supposed to be. It’s time that we take the lead in building a healthy nation.

That is what this new song “It’s Time” is all about. It’s a call to action for the church. It’s an invitation to the world to walk in love and unity.

Heinz Winckler wrote the song about a week and a half before the historical prayer gathering that took place on 24 March 2018 in Mitchell’s Plein, called It’s Time. He was moved by the state of our nation and the truth of the Bible. After performing the song on a prayer trail from Beaufort West to Mitchell’s Plein spanning over 3 days at 6 prayer events culminating in the It’s Time prayer event, he knew that the song had to be recorded. Earlier in 2018 he already sensed the need to use music to unite the people of our nation and already approached Loyiso Bala and Neville D in February with just the idea of doing something together. They were both very keen and optimistic about the idea. So when he returned home from the prayer trail and the It’s Time event, he knew the song had to be recorded with Loyiso and Neville and shared with the nation, and hopefully the world.

Heinz called on Daniel Ornellas (bassist for Tree63) who has been living and producing music in Nashville for almost 15 years, and who produced his first Christian album, The Roar, to also produce this song. Daniel “happened” to be heading to SA just a few weeks after receiving Heinz’s call and was able to record vocals and hash out some production choices. Loyiso and Neville graciously recorded their vocals in their own studios, bringing their awesome styles and flavours to the table, and the amazing Jared Fox mixed the track into the glorious anthem it is now.

A Call to churches and ministries to be part of the music video

The singers are shooting a music video for It’s Time in August and as part of the video we would like as many churches and ministries as possible to send us videos of them standing together as a group made up of leaders, musicians, volunteers and members, the more the merrier.

Please hold a big blank banner (where we will add your church name and a hashtag), or you can hold a banner with your church name and #WEAREONE or #UNITEANDBEASONE on it. Please take in high quality with a good camera or smartphone. Hold the smart phone in landscape (sideways) mode, and upload in full resolution to Google Drive or Dropbox and mail link to

If you’re brave, please learn the chorus here (or the link below) and sing along on your video. We look forward to your contribution to bringing unity in our nation.

Please share this initiative with other churches.


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