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Back by popular demand at The Baxter

From 6th to 24th November 2018

This brilliant Cape Town heritage musical production Satin to Sequins – More than a Minstrel, will be back at the iconic Baxter Theatre for 3 weeks during November 2018. The show will include brand new songs, some favourite classics and an exceptional cast including:
Loukmaan Adams (District 6 The Musical, Kat & The Kings, Aunty Merle The Musical) – Mr Carlo Denver Biggs, Carmen Maarman (Aunty Merle The Musical, District Six-The Musical) – Mrs Ivy Biggs, Austin Rose (Noem My Skollie and soon in Aunty Merle the Musical) – Sheroz Fortune, Tashreeq De Villiers (Cape Malay Choir and Minstrel comic singer) – Rowan Pietersen, Shadley Schroeder (Blood Brothers, Cape Malay Choir singer) – Irshaad “Boeta Saatjie” Diedericks, Ashtevahnn Mintoor (Cape Music Institue, graduate, backing vocalist) – Bernard “Blinx” Hector, Junaid Isaacs (Authentic Minstrel, 7 Steps Minstrels member) – Michael

Accompanied by a live band who make up The Woodstock Darlings – a fictional minstrel troupe.
Muneeb Hermans – Trumpet (UCT Music graduate, Founder: MH Quartet, HOD: VLM Music Academy)
Kurt Bowers – Drums (UCT Music graduate, Member of MH Quartet)
Yazeed Williams – Bass guitar (Cape Malay Choir musician)
Magmoed Daniels – Percussion (Authentic minstrel musician)
Ali Samsodien – Banjo (Cape Malay Choir musician)
Lieghaaj Moses – Mandolin (Cape Malay Choir musician)
The team is working together with sponsor, Baruch Marketing Management Solutions (involved in community upliftment and culture affirming projects) and are making sure that this edition will be even more of a dazzling spectacle than the previous editions. Award winning personalities, Alistair Izobell will direct and is also the music director and Zakhele Nkosi will choreograph (he created the evocative choreography for Mama Africa – the musical tribute to Miriam Makeba). Satin to Sequins – More than a Musical is written by Riyaad Peters and Alistair Izobell and the show is produced by Oddball Concepts.



Who is the show produced by?

Enter below with your answer. The winner wins 2 tickets to the Satin to Sequins show at the Baxter Theatre on Tuesday 13th November The Baxter Theatre. Closing date is Friday 9 November at 2pm. Winners will be notified via email and need to respond with details within 24 hours. Tickets will need to be collected on the night of the show (Tuesday 13th November) an hour before the show. will not be held responsible for cancellations. We are also not liable for anything that may happen at a venue including injuries. Please enter with an email address you check regularly! Please note each winner gets 2 tickets to the show.

Good luck!  :)

In his illustrious career of three decades or so – Izobell (43) who started off as child star in Kramer-Petersen musicals – has embraced his Kaapse heritage. For More Than A Minstrel, Izobell and Peters have written new songs and a new narrative for the show.

The original show was launched as a theatre show in 2014 at the Joseph Stone in Athlone and the producers (Oddball Productions) wanted to demystify minstrel culture and give audiences insights into the creativity of contemporary troupes – and the vibrant living heritage that plays out in the streets of Cape Town. Now, with the 4th edition: Satin To Sequins – More Than A Minstrel – there is a thrilling overlap of art and life – which has imbued the show with inimitable street-cred. (The Cape Robyn).

Satin to Sequins was the brainchild of Riyaad Peters of Oddball Concepts who wrote the 2014 script and produced the show, in collaboration with Loukmaan Adams.  (Oddball is run by husband and wife Aeysha and Faghri Abrahams and Riyaad Peters. In addition to their day jobs, Faghri Abrahams and Riyaad Peters are members of a minstrel troupe).

Audiences loved the shows – and were besotted with The Woodstock Darlings. Building on the popularity of the series, in January (2018), Peters and Faghri Abrahams of Oddball arranged for The Woodstock Darlings – to parade in the street on Tweede Nuwe Jaar. Aeysha Abrahams explained: “We rounded up a few of our friends (100 of them!) and together with the cast and band, they opened the official proceedings for the Cape Town Street Parade 2018- essentially as one would call it the ‘opening act’.”

In addition to the music and dance, a strong narrative line has always been key to Satin to Sequins. “In the first version, it was about a boy living with his single mother, who wanted to change the way the minstrel troupes operate. He had big ideas for how this could be done”, said Aeysha Abrahams.  “The story continues in More Than a Minstrel. We see Mr. Biggs’ son (played by Loukmaan Adams) and what life is like as he carries on this legacy of his father and his troupe. The Woodstock Darlings. We also see how ‘normal’ minstrels are as opposed to the negative stereotype usually associated with the minstrel culture.”

New Year festivities are only one part of Cape minstrel culture. Troupes rehearse throughout the year. It’s a competitive – and diverse community- accountants, lawyers, bank clerks. Most troupe members have day jobs. Others work in the arts industry. There is no remuneration – only ‘bragging rights’. The uniting factor is the love of donning the fabulous costumes – satins and sequins, bling – literally climbing into another persona and becoming a minstrel- and brings joy to crowds. Minstrels may be traced back in many directions. One line is when slaves dressed up – during New Year festivities – mocking their masters – and affirming themselves as individuals.  In 2018 and beyond, an energetic young generation is taking this inimitable form of street theatre/culture forward. (The Cape Robyn)

Satin to Sequins – More than a Musical, runs from 6th to 24th November 2018, every night at 8:00pm (NO SHOWS on Sundays and Mondays 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th Nov), with 4pm matinees on Saturdays 10th, 17th & 24th Nov 2018

Tickets are R135 – R150 and booking is through Webtickets, online at, or at selected Pick n Pay stores. For discounted group block bookings and fundraisers contact Faghri on 064 684 8992.

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