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Nearly 30 000 cyclists, watched by even more spectators, will be taking to the Gauteng roads to celebrate the 22nd edition of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge this Sunday, 18 November.

Whether you’re riding, watching, photographing or wanting to navigate the city and avoid the race route – there’s an app for it, as the App Store looks to revolutionise the way both cyclists and spectators participate in live events.

The top 10 apps are:

Track your participant
If you are at the race to support a special someone, finding that person in a group of cyclists can be tricky.  Get them to enable a location sharing feature that is available in many training apps, or go for a specialised location app like Glympse where you can live-track them on the map as they do the race.

  1. Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS
  2. Runtastic Road Bike GPS
  3. Glympse – Share your Location

Take great pictures
How do you capture a group of cyclists on the horizon? Use the photography app Enlight Quickshot, built specially for sport and high-speed photography. It lets you shoot pictures with increased shutter speed and make extra frames available for editing slow motion clips.
       4. Enlight Quickshot
5. Splice – Video Editor and Movie Maker

Check the weather

Not sure what race conditions will be like.  There’s a host of great weather apps that will give all the relevant data, from wind speed to humidity.

6.Fresh Air – Hyperlocal Weather
7. Weather Live

Start training for next year
And if you are inspired to get yourself on a bicycle for the 2019 Challenge, then the TrainingPeaks triathlon, running and cycling app will have you ready in no time.

8. Training Peaks
9. Strava Training: Run & Ride
10. Komoot – Cycling and Hiking Maps

All these apps are available on the App Store for iOS devices.  Find them at

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