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The City of Cape Town’s Metro Police Department has had another successful drug bust today, 27 May 2019.

The Drug and Gang Task Team, in conjunction with the Police’s Intelligence Unit, executed a search warrant at a complex in Kuils River.

They confiscated dagga with a street value of approximately R150 000 and arrested four suspects, aged between 19 and 36, who were detained at the Mfuleni Police Station.

Officers also confiscated three scales, 13 smart phones and just over R10 000 in cash.

The bust comes just more than 24 hours after the Gang and Drug Task Team, in conjunction with members of the Delft Neighbourhood Safety Team, followed up on information regarding drug dealing at a property in Leiden in Delft and confiscated around 50 kg of dagga with an estimated street value of R60 000. A 35-year-old female was detained at the Delft Police Station for further investigation.

I was also very pleased to be informed of the good work of a group of law enforcement officers from Muizenberg who rounded up five suspects early this morning who are suspected of terrorising commuters in the Seawinds area.

Officers had received numerous complaints about residents being robbed by a gang as they made their way to work using minibus taxis.

The officers then decided to be innovative and to use a minibus taxi and pose as a driver and passengers while driving around the area.

This morning, just before 05:30, five men approached the vehicle. One of them held the officer who was behind the wheel at gunpoint while the rest tried to get into the vehicle on the other side.

They were then arrested on charges of attempted robbery. Officers also found them in possession of knives and a gas gun.

These officers thought outside of the box and got results. It is a feather in the cap of the City’s Law Enforcement Department.

It is contemptible when hard-working people are threatened and forced to part with their valuables. The officers are saluted for their forward thinking in catching the criminals.

With the mid-year safety and security commendation ceremony due in the next month or two I look forward to a nomination for these officers.

In other enforcement successes over the past weekend, the City’s Traffic Service arrested 55 suspects, impounded 150 taxis (68 minibus taxis and 82 sedan taxis) and issued 2 957 fines for various other offences.

We sounded a warning to public transport operators recently about our integrated weekly blitzes to tackle more transgressions in the industry, focusing specifically on hot spot areas.

The statistics are proof that we are not fooling around.

We are also planning to further expand our capacity in the Transport Enforcement Unit, which has a specific mandate to deal with transgressions in the public transport sector.

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