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Durban. A true practice of keeping up with the times as social media and reality TV Star Lasizwe Dambuza hit Durban shores as his alter ego “Nomatriquency” aka “Tricky Baby” for his first ever digital reality show. A high-quality picture and entertaining production shot at Game Gateway store on Saturday 6 July 2019 for the Dare To Compare Roadshow.

While most people were getting ready to go show off their designer outfits for the popular Durban July, Lasizwe was getting ready to go shoot his 5-part digital offering with his fans in Gateway. The young Youtube sensation, who has reached 1 million views countless times on social media, is going to blow his fans out of the water as his first ever digital reality show will see him travelling to different parts of the country as Game’s supervisor. This hilarious, educational and entertaining reality show is a big migration to digital technology that will allow his fans to easily watch the journey that he has embarked in with the brand.

“Following my viral video that showcased Nomatriquency being interviewed for a position at Game, and the brand hiring her to help them get rid of buyer’s remorse, we joined heads and decided to take the Dare To Compare Roadshow on another level, a more impactful and current way that will allow for everyone to be part of it. I am very excited about this as it’s very different from what I have done before. My fans are going to love it” says delighted Lasizwe.

The Dare to Compare Roadshow started as a normal social listening exercise that spontaneously led Game to partnering with Lasizwe. It has now evolved into a digital reality TV show, pioneering the way on how brands interact with influencers. Consumers are promised exceptional viewing entertainment that will lead those who aren’t already tech savvy to want to jump on this innovative and gripping show.

“Social media is a very powerful and excellent tool that has elevated many people’s careers. We often take it at face value not realising that it has immense potential to change the face of retail marketing. We are very proud of how the brand and Nomatriquency have taken the leap to produce an innovative digital reality show that will have viewers glued to their phones” says Katherine Madley Brand and Customer Director.

The beauty of going digital as opposed to traditional forms is accessibility to the masses. With the technological sector growing at the rate that it is, brands need to be flexible to change if they want to connect to their consumers and stay top of mind.

Fans are asked to be on the lookout for The Dare To Compare Roadshow with Nomatriquency reality show that will drop on the socials very soon as Tricky baby is making her final way to Cape Town Canal Walk on Saturday 13 July 2019.

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