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IMG-20191104-WA0048Will this haunt me forever?

A dark cloud looming at the foot of the rainbow…

Walking footsteps of hesitation

100 self help blog posts later
10 000 prayers
50 missed opportunities
500 attempts to smile
20 mornings spent in bed thinking
2 broken hearts
3 silent cries for help

The sun hiding behind the clouds…waiting
Standing at a red traffic light.

Hooting at the traffic light, looking at the driver in the car next to me.
A strangers smile
Pausing for a moment, embarrassing the warmth of the sun on my skin and the sudden burst of pure happiness.
I laugh and realise how thankful I am.

It might haunt me, but there are so many reasons to smile.

Turning up the volume on the radio, singing out loud, dancing in my car. No anxiety in sight.

I smiled
I lived in the moment
I danced
I was happy
I didn’t hesitate
I asked for help
I prayed, I prayed hard
I made that doctors appointment

I continued to smile

Most importantly I found redemption and healing in a simple smile.

By Candace Conradie @CandylandSA (Twitter and Instagram)

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