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An ugly feud is about to break out as a dark cloud looms over the Bhengu family. The beloved Bhengu Brothers have been at loggerheads for close to eternity, and as the clock keeps ticking and tocking, a family implosion is on the horizon.

Hard-headed Bhengu brothers Zimele and Phakade are about to turn on each other. And their sons Nkululeko and Zithulele, heirs to the Maluju Oil company, will experience a surprising showdown that will shock even the most loyal IMBEWU fan.
As the impending clash beckons, an exceptional star is about to rise. He enters our world as an unassuming stranger on the run, and now Nkanyiso Mcunu played by Nkululeko Sibiya is blowing up.

Hardship, pain, and hostility are some of the words that can describe Nkululeko’s upbringing. Raised to believe he was an orphan, Nkululeko grew to be resentful in character, and the idea of family didn’t exist to him. His heavy hatred was directed towards his father, and he held him responsible for his lack of growing up in a typical traditional household. However, he had a whole lot of ambition and plan for his life. Nkululeko has evolved from military intelligence to head of security at Maluju Oil, and his rise now finds him as a shareholder in the company. All these blessings are courtesy of the newly formed bond and approval he receives from his long-lost father, Ngcolosi Bhengu.

A mercenary with a dark past now finds himself as the preferred heir to a family oil dynasty, this is the rise of Nkululeko Sibiya.

This Wednesday and Thursday, 6th, and 7th November, viewers will be treated to the ultimate TV gold moments when the biggest feud in South African TV unfolds. The Bhengu brothers take each other on in an epic showdown, and only the heartless will be left unaffected.
Only two questions remain; Will Nkululeko’s rise eclipse his brothers’ shine, and can the Bhengu brothers ever find peace?

Tune in to IMBEWU: The Seed, weekdays at 9.30PM on to see how brothers turn against their own.

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