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Date: 9 April 2020

To date, the Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) have conducted 20 investigations on matters of non-compliance with the national regulations whereby liquor traders sold alcohol during the lockdown period. Of the 20 investigations conducted, 13 will proceed to hearings before the Liquor Licensing Tribunal. 

The Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, warns that any liquor vendor operating during the lockdown will be eligible for a fine and may lose their license, subject to an investigation.

As per section 71 (1) of the Western Cape Liquor Act, “The Liquor Licensing Tribunal may grant an interim order suspending a license upon application by an inspector or a designated liquor officer if there is an imminent threat to the health, wellbeing or safety of the public.”

Minister Fritz said, “I have requested that the WCLA ensure that any outlet which contravenes the lockdown conditions be liable for a maximum fine of up to R115 610 or have their license revoked permanently, subject to an investigation. It has further been requested that the WCLA join the PROVJOINTS committee and be included in every case were liquor was sold or an arrest was made to better track the original point of sale. I further welcome the resolution taken by PROVJOINTS on 25 March that no alcohol will be returned to any liquor outlet after paying admission of guilt fine.”

Minister Fritz added, “I urge members of the public who are aware of the illegal sale of alcohol to immediately report such. Any persons wanting to lodge a complaint or report a contravention of the Regulations can contact the WCLA’s Contact Centre on 021 204 9805.”

The DHL Stormers have teamed up with various artists and local celebrities to record a tribute video of Johnny Clegg’s ‘The Crossing’. Recorded and filmed in their bye week at the beginning of March, the video has been released on the DHL Stormers’ social media channels and can be viewed here: Johnny Clegg’s The Crossing | DHL Stormers & Friends.

The DHL Stormers squad used ‘The Crossing’ as a team song for the 2020 Vodacom Super Rugby competition, singing it in the changeroom after games, before the current season was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The song was chosen by team management as Johnny Clegg was a nation-builder who crossed over different communities, much like the Springboks did by winning the Rugby World Cup in 2019. Their goal in the DHL Stormers’ 2020 Vodacom Super Rugby campaign was to build on that concept of unity and ‘The Crossing’ epitomised that spirit of uniting people and moving forward to a new world.

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Golden Arrow, like many other companies, has struggled to source a sustainable supply of face masks for our drivers and other frontline staff. Instead of giving up or purchasing potentially sub-standard masks one of our buyers and our incredible Trim Shop team have come to the rescue in creating and producing our own supply of quality re-usable masks in-house.

The Trim Shop is responsible mainly for ensuring that our bus seats are repaired and re-upholstered on a daily basis. Their ingenuity has seen the development and perfecting of a prototype mask, which is now being produced in-house by the trimmers.

For now we will be producing 2 500 masks to distribute to staff and then, depending on availability of materials and other factors, we may produce on an even larger scale.

It has not been easy sourcing materials but a specific spun material has been selected for breathability and comfort. This initiative is a fantastic example of the resourcefulness of our staff and the ability to work as a team during even the most difficult of times.


The City of Cape Town continues to provide basic and essential services to approximately 200 000 informal households. Cape Town’s provision of these services exceeds the standards set by National Government. Given the State of National Disaster that has been declared, the City has extended its services to deploy water trucks daily to enhance residents’ access to water in informal settlements.

As part of our COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the City’s Water and Waste Directorate has actioned the rollout of water trucks as an emergency measure to enhance access to water for residents in informal settlements.

Over the past week, more than 4 million litres of water have already been delivered via water trucks to various areas across the city, with a primary focus on communities whose access to water is constrained.

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The drive is one of the latest measures implemented to help mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19.

The City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management Centre is facilitating a soap donation drive, in support of hygiene efforts around the Coronavirus.

The DRMC is calling on individuals, organisations and businesses who are able to assist, to drop off soap bars at their nearest Shoprite or Checkers store in Cape Town.

Donations will then be distributed in the City’s informal settlements, care facilities and other organisations caring for vulnerable groups around the metropole.

The DRMC will activate its volunteer corps to assist with the distribution of soap as well as education and awareness material like pamphlets, posters, loudhailer announcements etc.

‘Good hygiene practices are key to preventing the spread of COVID-19. However, the availability of a basic commodity like soap is not a given for many of our residents. The City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre therefore decided to get a soap donation drive underway so that we can help the most vulnerable in our city to be more resilient in dealing with the outbreak.

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All other debt management actions continue

As a health precaution in light of COVID-19, the City of Cape Town will temporarily suspend new water restrictions for those who are in arrears with their municipal accounts and facing debt management actions. This is an extraordinary decision taken during an extraordinary time. Other debt management mechanisms such as those performed via electricity disconnections or deductions from electricity prepayments will continue. Read more below:

The City urges customers to accept this temporary action in good faith and to continue to use water sparingly and only for health and hygiene purposes.

At the same time, customers must continue to pay for services to ensure the City remains financially healthy and is able to provide the necessary services especially during a time of crisis.

A careful balance is needed as it can be reasonably expected the City’s finances could become strained as measures are implemented to help manage the crisis.

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Golden Arrow, as a responsible and caring operator of scheduled public transport services, is committed to keeping our staff and passengers safe and healthy.

We will be instituting a number of additional hygiene-related measures and will be assessing the situation continuously.

We will be issuing regular updates but in the interim please be assured that Golden Arrow is prioritising the well-being of our staff and passengers.

We would ask that our passengers please follow the prescribed hygiene practices such as regular hand washing and covering mouths with hands or elbows when sneezing or coughing. Please keep windows open.

If you suspect that you or someone you know is ill, please call the National Corona Virus Hotline 0800 029 999.

We will keep the public updated via all channels available to us.

SANZAAR will suspend the 2020 Vodacom Super Rugby tournament for the foreseeable future, at the conclusion of this weekend’s matches it was announced this afternoon.

The decision was made during a SANZAAR Executive Committee (EXCO) teleconference in response to the announcement by the New Zealand Government that all travellers returning to the country would have to self-isolate for 14 days, including Vodacom Super Rugby players. Five New Zealand teams play in the 15-team Vodacom Super Rugby tournament.

The SANZAAR statement said the organisation completely understood the directive issued by the New Zealand government, given concerns globally over the COVID-19 virus and the primary aim to reduce exposure and spread of the virus.

SANZAR CEO Andy Marinos said: “The safety and welfare of the public, our players and other stakeholders is paramount and as previously stated we were always going to abide by government and health authority instructions on the issue of COVID-19 containment.

“We are extremely disappointed for the players, our fans,broadcasters and partners butgiven the complexity of our competition structure, and the multiple geographies that we cover, we have no other option but to align with such directives. We also believe it is time for all those players currently overseas to return home and to be with their families.

“Our priority is, therefore, to ensure our players are within their homes territories from the end of this weekend.

“SANZAAR will also remain engaged with its stakeholders and will continue to explore avenues to see if we can keep the rugby product alive within our core markets, with the possibility to be in a position to resume the tournament, if at all possible, in future weeks. We have currently played seven rounds out of the 18 in the normal regular season”.

The players and managements of the Vodacom Bulls (who are currently in Australia) and Emirates Lions (New Zealand) will return to South Africa.

SANZAAR said it would issue further information on Vodacom Super Rugby 2020 tournament and any potential rescheduled fixtures in the days ahead.  

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