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Kelly’s Make Up Tips

Pic: Kelly Davids

There are many different types of lipsticks out there and a lady truly is spoilt for choice when trying to pick one (luckily, I get to have all of them – evil grin). The type of lipstick you use and also the colour can be used according to your mood or simply the shape of your lips. Today the lipstick market contains an assortment of products with many effects and characteristics. Picking the perfect shade of lipstick is only half the job ladies – when it comes to lipstick, texture is just as important.
Check out the various lipstick textures below:

Many women prefer a creamy texture as it is not too shiny without it being a matte lipstick, cream lipsticks are opaque and they have a really smooth finish. It is usually packaged as a lipstick but you can also get a creamy lip gloss with a felt-tip applicator.

These lipsticks are popular for their more pigmented colour. Matte lipsticks just last much longer than other textures but the superior-quality pigments and the reduced oil content often causes some stain to your lips.

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So ladies this is always a tricky one, as there is no one way answer to matching your foundation perfectly and it often entails lots of testing which can get quite tedious if you don’t have the time or the patience.

You will hardly ever find the perfect match to your skin tone in just one bottle (unless you are truly blessed with an all-round even skin tone – lucky you!) and you will often find that your T-panel is much lighter than the rest of your face, of which you will need two different shades of foundation.

If you don’t feel comfortable matching your own foundation – most cosmetic counters usually have makeup/beauty consultants who will gladly assist you with this daunting task. No need to feel intimated – the ladies behind the counter are always very friendly and welcoming and are there to make your lives easier, so just walk in with your shoulders back and your head held high and don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Continue reading

So, we all know you get three types of foundation – liquid, powder and cream…yawn. I however recently found out that you can actually add some primer to your foundation before applying to make it more translucent.

I obviously had to give this a go a few times before sharing this nifty little trick with you and it actually works! It retains the foundation’s coverage without looking as caked on, plus you also get that long lasting, all-day foundation…bonus!

It however boils down to the results you are looking for ladies. Primer works on the principle of layers, so if you want the full effect you will need to do it in steps. However, this method of mixing your primer with your foundation works beautifully and is great for when you want lighter coverage, but not actually a fan of BB cream.
Here’s how: Continue reading

So… if you’ve ever watched a makeup artist do their thing, you know that there all sorts of little tricks that make everything look noticeably better. Such techniques might appear to come as second nature to the pros but to everyone else it’s often a very different story…especially when it comes to eyeliner. Don’t fret, that’s only because makeup artists need to work very quickly due to time constraints and need to know quick yet effective tricks.

To help you achieve the flawless eyeliner application of your dreams, try some of these tricks next time:

  1. Get up close to the lash line…

This is definitely one of the biggest eyeliner challenges because if you don’t get close enough to the lash line, you lose the intensity you were trying to create. You can also try using an angled brush to get the eyeliner right where you want it but always try to leave no gaps.

  1. Smooth application…

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