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Kurt’s Tech Stuff

There seems to be much talk around the latest, greatest and most innovative feature brought to you by Cell C which is known as WiFi Calling. At a glance this sounds incredible, that any WiFi router or modem has the potential to be a Cell C tower. What exactly does this mean and could it be compared to a Whatsapp call? Could you walk down the road and connect to your neighbours WiFi or to a retail store at a mall and make use of their WiFi?

Yes you can connect to WiFi and make use of this new feature provided there’s a WiFi hotspot, but you’ll need access (password) to log on to that specific hotspot and in South Africa you’re often restricted to the amount of WiFi usage, particularly at restaurants.

Those travelling abroad and those who perhaps have bad network reception would possibly benefit the most from this feature.

However you should know that there are only a few devices which are currently capable of making WiFi Calls, when I say a few devices I mean only 5 with 2 more on the way soon, perhaps in the near future there will be more WiFi Calling enabled devices.

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